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Arizona Tax Credit

By donating today to the Arizona DeMolay Community Initiative, you can replace the Arizona state taxes you owe or increase your refund up to $938.

You save money, we help students.

Tax Credit vs Tax Deduction

Tax Credit

Allows you to reduce the actual amount of Arizona State taxes you owe or increase your refund


Tax Deduction

Reduces the amount of income that the State of Arizona taxes (but they still tax that income)

What the Difference Means For You

Tax credits are better than tax deductions because they actually reduce the tax due, not just the amount of taxable income. Your donation to the Arizona DeMolay Community Initiative            (QCO 22427) is Tax Creditable, meaning that you reduce the taxes you owe to the State of Arizona or increase your refund dollar-for-dollar up to $938.

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Can I claim this tax credit and still donate to the school and foster care tax credit programs?

Yes, they are separate tax credits. When you give to the Arizona DeMolay Community Initiative for the AZ Charitable Tax Credit, you can still give to school, foster care, and veteran tax credits.

Do I have to donate exactly $470 for singles or $938 for married couples?

Amounts lower than $470 and $938 also qualify.

Do I have to itemize my taxes to take the credit?

You may claim the AZ Charitable Tax Credit even if you do not itemize.

Can I break up my donation into monthly amounts?

Yes, you can select the monthly payment option or call our Philanthropy Office at (602) 439-6000 to make arrangements.

Does this tax credit also apply to federal tax returns?

The Arizona DeMolay Community Initiative tax credit is only a dollar-for-dollar tax reduction on your state taxes. You may be also be able to claim a federal tax deduction for the amount donated. Please consult your tax professional

What if I do not owe state taxes?

The Arizona DeMolay Community Initiative tax credit can be carried forward for up to 5 years, reducing future taxes

How do I file for the credit?

There is a simple form 321 that is linked below for your convenience.

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