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Give the Gift of Education

Dollar-for-Dollar Tax Credit

Supporting Low-Income Arizona Students 

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Get Started
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How Much Can I Donate?


Maximum Amount for Single Filers


Maximum Amount for Joint Filers (Married)

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Do I Qualify to Donate?

I Owe Arizona   State Taxes.
Can I Donate?

Yes. Every dollar you donate counts towards your unpaid taxes

If you owe $500 and you donate $400, then you will only owe $100 in state taxes

I Am a Tax Paying Arizona Resident. Can I Donate?

Yes. You qualify to donate today

*Up to the maximum amount allowed by law

** Please consult your tax professional

I Already Use My Tax Credit for a School District.
Can I Donate?

Yes. In Arizona, you can donate to both a public school and a Qualifying Charitable Organization

You can donate today

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What Happens to My Donation?


To Low-Income Arizona Students 150% Below the Poverty Line (or more) Aspiring to Higher Education Success



Supporting Arizona DeMolay - the Premier Leadership Organization Preparing Students for Tomorrow's Opportunities

Why Your Donation Matters

You can help students invest in their future

Average Median Income - High School Education 2020



Average Median Income - Bachelor's Degree 2020


You can help Arizona beat the national averages

Arizona’s level of educational attainment – the percentage of adults who earn a two- or four-year degree – significantly trails the national average. In 2020, less than half – 46.3 percent − of Arizona’s high school graduating class enrolled in a two- or four-year college

~ Arizona Board of Regents

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Step 1

Make Your Donation Today!

Qualifying Arizona citizens can donate up to $470 as a single tax filer or $938 as a joint (married) filer

Step 3

File Your Taxes

When you file your taxes, you will get a dollar-for-dollar credit up to the maximum amount. File Form 321 and use QCO # 22427.

Step 2

Keep Hold of Your Receipt

We'll automatically send you a receipt after you donate -- all you have to do is keep it until tax season

Students Sitting on Staircase

Use Your Taxes to Support Education
in Four Easy Steps

The Arizona DeMolay Foundation Community Initiative is a Qualifying Charitable Organization in the State of Arizona

That means that when you donate up to the maximum amount, you get every dollar back after you file your taxes

Step 4

Donate Again

You can come back and donate year-after-year so that we can keep supporting low-income Arizona students pursuing higher education

What Happen to My Donation

With Your Help, We Can Make Arizona A Better Place

Donate Today And Get A Dollar-For-Dollar Tax Credit

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